Igor Ledochowski

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The 5 Keys To Becoming An Elite Level Hypnotist – Regardless Of What Level You’re Currently Stuck At!

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Sunday, April 23rd 12 Noon EDT

In this webinar, which is designed like a condensed masterclass, I’m going to be showing you exactly what I did to reach the top of my field, so that you can too, but in the fraction of the time it took me. And without having to spend $180,000 dollars like I did to get there.

When you know the 5 keys I used to reach
elite-level status you’ll be able to:

It is my goal for you that by the end of this training webinar you’ll have the roadmap to evolve yourself in the most direct way possible to becoming an elite-level hypnotist or hypnotherapist (or whatever type of personal change coach you wish to become).


WARNING: Space is limited and these hypnosis training calls usually fill up so I recommend you reserve your spot.

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